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Oblong Gallery: Miniscule

I always enjoy stumbling upon little artist-led galleries and art spaces in unexpected places. Last Sunday afternoon, when popping out for an ice-cream, I discovered Oblong Gallery – a tiny contemporary art space on Southgate Road in De Beauvoir, just round the corner from where I live.

The exhibition on display was Miniscule, curated by Vanya Balogh and Jim Racin – a show of tiny artworks that describes itself as a “bijou social experiment”. I’m not sure that I’d go quite that far, but this tribute to thinking small was ideal for the space, which is itself a gallery in miniature.

A range of artists working in different media had been invited to submit “diminuitive objects” with the maximum size of a small matchbox (2” x 1.5”). Works on display included everything from drawings on Rizla papers to miniature found objects to tiny paintings.

Unfortunately Sunday was the final day that Miniscule was showing but if you want to check out Oblong Gallery, it looks like their forthcoming exhibition (Oblong Represents Group Show No. 2) opens in July.

[Image via Oblong Gallery]

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