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YALC 2015 in Pictures

So this year’s YALC has just taken place, and it was even bigger, better, and more brilliant than the year before! Following on from last year’s YALC in pictures post, I thought that I would sum up this year’s AMAZING weekend with another photo round up.

Here are just a few of my many favourite shots from YALC 2015:


Me and Katie all set for a weekend of fun (Harry Potter t-shirts enabled)


A surprise appearance from Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell!


It’s YALC 2015’s dynamic duo, Patrick Ness and Judy Blume!


YALC wouldn’t be YALC without a Malorie Blackman selfie


Always love seeing so much reading going on in our YALC chill out area


The all-star team behind of one of our most popular panels this year, Being a Girl



Everyone’s cosplay game was awesome this year – love Lucy Ivison and Lisa Williamson as the Wakefield twins!

Also Anna and Kevin as Eleanor and Park!

Laure and Katie as Karou and Sailor Moon

Not to mention NON POTTER and the #PotterParty gang (the less said about Ravenclaw’s tragic defeat, the better…)

There was so much amazing Harry Potter cosplay throughout the weekend – I loved these guys in their house colours


And who could forget James Dawson as Danerys? (Pictured here with the gang from the brilliant Bringing Sexy Back panel)


Another fabulous panel – lots of laughs at Carrie Hope Fletcher’s YALC book club


Even Princess Zelda (a.ka. cosplay queen Lucy Saxon) needs to see this event


It’s Effie Trinket (a.k.a. Rosi)  at The Hunger Games Quiz!


Ace by name, ace by nature… Lauren Ace hanging out with Chris Riddell


Team YALC assemble!

There are hundreds more photos that I could share of all the fantastic authors, bloggers, readers, vloggers, cosplayers and team who joined us for this year’s YALC. Not to mention the dozens of amazing YALC blogs and vlogs from those who came along!

Here are just a couple of the many brilliant videos from the event (check out @yalc_uk on Twitter for loads more!)

Organising YALC is a huge privilege, and something that I’m enormously proud of. However, it really is a team effort, and it absolutely could not happen without all the fantastic publishers, authors, booksellers, agents, Showmasters folk and Book Trust volunteers who pitch in over the course of the weekend. Huge thanks to everyone for helping make YALC 2015 such a great success (especially the amazing YALC working group!)

More than that though, YALC is also an event that is all about community. As well as the speakers and team who run the event, every single person who comes along helps to create the amazing atmosphere that makes the weekend so special. Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this year’s YALC even more magical and memorable than ever xxx

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