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les vacances

As promised here are some pictures of my holiday.

I suppose there’s probably something very boring, and perhaps even rather egotistical about posting one’s holiday photos on one’s blog, somewhat “ooh, look at me and my fascinating life”.

My holiday photos are sadly, not very fascinating, but I make no apologies. I was hoping to use my time away to write stories and other wonderful and interesting things which I could have posted here; however somehow I didn’t quite get round to it (possibly because I spent so much of my time eating and sleeping instead) so you’ll just have to put up with photographs.

Actually, I’m quite proud that I managed to take any at all given it rained for most of the holiday. The sky is even blue in some of them.

Excellent wellington boots. Essential for walks in soggy French woods.

Mmmmm, tasty vegetables – a present from our friendly neighbours from their garden.

Dinner – a very important part of the holiday. This is a picture of some boeuf bourginonne which was extremely nice. It is a slightly blurry picture, but possibly I had already had a glass of wine at this point.

Spooky ruined tower – la tour du rochefoucauld.

Flowers from the garden.

back home

I’m back home now.

I had a lovely holiday. It rained every day, but that was very good practice for coming back home to Manchester. Later I will post some photographs which I took in spite of the fact that it was raining, and maybe even write something about what I did.

Today I am back and I have been to work, also in the rain. My kitchen ceiling is leaking.

In other news, I seemingly now have a surname! How novel.

Also, this blog has been mentioned here on the Manchizzle. I suppose this means I am now a proper, official, grown-up blogger. Greetings to anyone wandering here from the Manchizzle. Thanks so much for visiting, especially given the many other fine new blogs there are out there to tempt you (even a blog written by a cat !) and I hope you’ll come again soon.

not here

I am not here. I will be taking a screen break for about a week.

I am on my happy holidays in France.

I may well be eating a croissant at this very moment.

I will be back soon…

there is a wardrobe in next door’s back yard

There is a wardrobe in next door’s back yard.

It is lying on its back, crooked, splayed diagonally, like someone who has fallen down drunk.

It’s a sad sort of wardrobe. The white plastic coating is peeling off revealing the drab wood beneath. The door has fallen off and is now propped against a neglected shrub in a pot, revealing a shabby underbelly and a narrow mirror speckled with raindrops.

From here, I can see right inside the wardrobe and its meagre inner cavity. There is nothing inside it. It is just a very small, narrow wardrobe with no door. It is not going to take anyone to Narnia. It’s just lying there, looking helpless, beside some damp, flattened cardboard boxes that are slowly disintegrating.

I keep expecting my neighbour will move it but every time I look out of the window, it is still there.

more doings

last night I went to the “there’s no point in not being friends with someone if you want to be friends with them” reading night at the deaf institute, which is organised by Sally Cook and Chris Killen. It was great.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, but the readers I heard were all fantastic – I especially enjoyed Richard Barrett‘s poems- and it was brilliant to see so many people there. It was really lovely to meet Sally in real life as well, though I have to admit there is something slightly odd about meeting people whose blogs you read. Is it because sometimes it’s easy to forget that blogs have actual people attached to them? I suppose it’s something not dissimilar to when I saw Mr Scruff the other weekend and I was disconcerted to realise that he actually was just an ordinary bloke, rather than a sort of friendly potato thing with headphones on. Perhaps, even though there is a photograph of Chris on his blog (he appears to be buying bananas), some part of me expected him to look a bit more like a white cat with weird eyes.

Since this blog seems to be turning into a kind of ‘this is what I did today, and this is what I ate for my dinner’ sort of affair, as opposed to a place for the finely-tuned, inspired creative writings I anticipated, I think I may as well write about some other things I did yesterday. Here’s a list. (I like making lists. I’m much better at them than I am at finely-tuned, inspired creative writing.)

got up late
couldn’t decide what to wear. eventually decided.
ate breakfast.
walked to the bus stop, cursing the six magic buses that went past the bus stop before I could reach it (this happens every morning without fail)
got on the bus
went to work. worked.
had lunch: a jacket potato with tuna
did some vaguely stupid things, but for some reason, didn’t feel too bothered about it.
drank 1.5 beers at the deaf institute.
ate a chicken kebab.
watched part of “my neighbour totoro” which I have seen about a million times before. My boyfriend and I have a slight addiction problem with “my neighbour totoro”. We like to sit in treetops and play ocarinas of an evening.

and here’s some things I did today:

got up slightly late.
couldn’t decide what to wear. eventually decided.
ate breakfast.
walked to bus stop, etc.
went to work. worked.
couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch. eventually decided (a pastrami sandwich with mustard).
went to kendals. smelled the perfumes.
felt very indecisive in general.
drank about 4 cups of herbal tea.
thought about how I would like to go to rye in east sussex.
bought some coriander.
got the bus home.
talked on the phone about nothing in particular.
went to see “hellboy 2” at the cinema. it was not very scary compared to “the dark knight” but a lot more cheerful. in fact, it was a bit silly. I thought the legolas-gone-evil baddy was fairly ridiculous, but I did like the bit where hellboy and abe sapien sang “can’t smile without you” for a full 5 minutes.
ate some eve’s pudding. it was very, very nice.
tried to read a book but fell asleep instead.