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1. the unicorn diaries 2. the cherry blossom girl 3. treats & treasures
4. the tea drinking english rose 5. blaze danielle 6. wish wish wish
7. wild keikei 8. rose posie rosie 9. (inside) a black apple
10. monmartre’s sketchbook 11. scout holiday 12. i’m not antisocial, just shortsighted

Today, for a final blast of ‘December loveliness’, I thought I would share these blogs – all relatively recent discoveries, which I like as much for their lovely images and overall aesthetic as for their written style.

I especially like the fact that all of these blogs make the most of the potential offered by online platforms without feeling scarily uber-digital or hi-tech: in fact, if anything, blogs like the tea drinking english rose, or the unicorn diaries more closely resemble an old-fashioned handwritten journal that you could imagine you might tie up with a ribbon or lock with a key.

Whether or not the particular aesthetic appeals to you, what really stands out about all these blogs is how defined their individual styles are – visuals, content and prose style all work together to create a particular identity. It’s perhaps for this reason that these blogs feel so personal – reading them is like taking a little peep through the keyhole into the space of the bloggers’ imaginations.

It’s interesting to observe how blogs such as i’m not antisocial just shortsighted (a very recent find, which I discovered via jo’s blog) or the cherry blossom girl develop, becoming a broad creative space to experiment with a distinctive personal style, bringing together together many different interests and sources of inspiration – from fashion to design to writing to photography to fine art.

Blogs like these seem to be first and foremost spaces to play with and share ideas, becoming (quite literally in the case of blogs like treats & treasures) ongoing scrapbooks or collages which are always growing and developing. These blogs are little treasure-troves of inspiration.

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  1. the monochromator
    January 9, 2009 at 2:46 pm (14 years ago)

    Hi! :)
    Was google-ing YSL’s “dream wall” from a 1967 December issue of Vogue and came across your wonderful blog instead. Thanks! Happy weekend! 😉


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