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26 things to do before I turn 27

I am ill again. I think I have the flu, or something flu-ish anyway. I can’t believe I am ill, yet again. Once again I’m missing all kinds of things I wanted to do, like going to this, or the opening of this new exhibition, not to mention lots of important university and work related stuff. Instead I am lying low with a gallon of lemsip, more tissues than you could possibly imagine and all my blankets. To cheer myself up I have been experimenting with tumblr (most addictive – check me out here) writing postcards to friends, and knitting. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping the evil disease won’t hang around for too much longer.

Anyway, to get onto more positive things… one of my favourite bloggers, andrea of hulaseventy has a little tradition of writing a list of exciting things she hopes to do in the coming year each birthday. You can see her list of the 38 things she plans to do before she turns 39 here.

I really like the idea of a list like this. It’s not about sensible, worthy things you feel you ‘ought’ to do, or even a traditional ‘to do’ list as such, but a list of things you genuinely want to do – the places you want to go, the projects you want to start, the adventures you want to have.

I was inspired to make my own list of the things I’d like to do this year, which I thought I would share here. Some of the things on this list are totally new, but others are things I have done before but would like to do again, or things I do already but would like to do more of. It was surprising how quick it was to write – I had a lot of ideas, but thought maybe I’d better save at least some of them for next year!

  1. knit a jumper
  2. go on an adventure by train
  3. sit around a midsummer bonfire
  4. go to a really good sushi restaurant
  5. find the perfect vintage dress
  6. pass my driving test
  7. practice the piano
  8. start a new novel
  9. get a bicycle with a basket (in an ideal world, it would be this one)
  10. go wild swimming
  11. finally finish reading ‘a la recherche du temps perdu’
  12. plant something
  13. go to new york
  14. make a charm necklace
  15. order moo cards
  16. go dancing
  17. find a lovely place to live (no green taps please!)
  18. learn to crotchet
  19. write a dissertation!
  20. have a handmade christmas
  21. eat a lobster
  22. investigate d-i-y publishing
  23. go to rye in east sussex
  24. take more photographs
  25. drink champagne (this one is in much the same vein as ‘eat more cake’ I feel)
  26. take a break

(The picture is a sample of just one of many images on my new tumblr thingy – this one comes via яuғina♫)

2 Comments on 26 things to do before I turn 27

  1. Bluestocking
    February 1, 2009 at 5:52 pm (14 years ago)

    loving the list but simply too big a task to list 147 things to do before i turn 148!! i have to take each day as it comes….lol!

    many of yours however resonate and replicate my own – though 120 years separate us, we share a desire to investigate diy publishing, knit a jumper (tho i might have to try a scarf first..), go to new york, ride a bike with a basket,have a train adventure, search out a perfect vintage dress and indulge in cake…

    good luck to us both!! xx epn

  2. Katherine
    February 2, 2009 at 2:10 pm (14 years ago)

    perhaps I’m simply a 147 yr old girl at heart 😉

    I’ve managed various scarves, gloves, hats, blankets with a fair amount of success up to this point so I think the time is ripe for a jumper!

    good hunting ep!


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